From Dec 26th ~ Jan 29th at the Huskisson Soccer Fields.

  1. Power Surge: min 120cm – max 190cm
  2. Body Rock: min 120cm
  3. Hurricane: min 120cm
  4. Dodgem Cars: Small children to wear seat belts
  5. Round up:  min 120cm
  6. The Sizzler: min 120cm
  7. Fantasy Flyer: suitable for most ages
  8. Rockin’ Tug: Min Height to ride alone: 105cm  Must wear a seatbelt if under: 85cm
  9. Wave Rider: 92cm to ride alone
  10. Flying Chairs: suitable for most ages
  11. Cars4Kids mini dodgems: suitable for most ages
  12. Jurassic Coaster: Must be 100cm to ride alone, Riders under 85cm must wear a seatbelt.
  13. Crazy Cars: suitable for most ages
  14. Classic Merry-go-round: suitable for most ages
  15. Rockets: suitable for most ages
  16. Giant Slide: suitable for most ages
  17. Inflatable Jumping Castle: suitable for most ages
  18. Mini Ferris Wheel: suitable for most ages
  19. Flying elephants: suitable for most ages
  20. Flying Fish: suitable for most ages

When are the Fireworks?”
Friday Jan 6th from 9pm
Australia Day Jan 26th from 9pm


I bought an Armband online

Congratulations: please come to the carnival on the evening of your choice and visit the Online Ticket Booth were we will set you up with your armband.

  • Please not we have to place the armbands onto each rider so make sure you are all together.
  • You don’t need to being any printout we can look you up on our system so we just need to know the name that the booking was made under.
  • You can choose to use the armband any evening during the carnival, but only once.

I don’t have a printer

Don’t worry.
Please come to the carnival and see us at the Online Ticket Booth.
All we need to know is the name you booked under and we can look you up on our system.


I bought a family Pass

Please bring your family along to the Online Ticket Booth were we will place an armband on each of your arms (4 per family pass) and we will give you a special punch card that you will use to collect your Meal deal, Games and Bungee trampoline rides.
The pass can be used on any night of the carnival you choose, but only once.

I bought a VIP Season Pass

Welcome to our VIP Club:
Please come to the carnival at the Online Ticket booth were we will organise your VIP Season Pass Card. We will need to take your photo which will be printed on to your own VIP Pass.
Each time you come to the carnival you will need to show your VIP pass to get your armband for the evening as well as when making a purchase to receive the offered discounts.

For full Terms and Conditions please click here

Please note that you are responsible for your VIP Card, if you loose it or it is stolen please come to see us and we will assist you with a replacement card. Note that there is a $10 fee for creating a replacement VIP card so please take good care of it.

If you can’t find the answers to your questions please contact us:

Joylands Better Amusements
665 Fifteenth Ave Austral NSW 2179
If you have questions, please call

Georgia Cantwell
Ph: 0431 753 411

Richard Ballinger
Online Bookings
Ph: 0412 303 582