VIP season pass Terms and Conditions


VIP Season Pass Terms and Conditions.


[fusion_text]The Huskisson Carnival Season VIP Pass is available from (‘online’) or at the Main Ticket Box at the Huskisson Carnival.



The rides/amusements at the Huskisson Carnival are designed for use by participants who meet the displayed height requirements.

The amusements/rides are recreational activities and there are risks of injury to participants and their property. By using or engaging in a ride/amusement you accept these risks and agree that the owners, operators and landlords do not have or accept any liability for any injury suffered as a result of you accepting these risks.

Parents or Guardians must evaluate these risks before allowing persons in their control to use or engage in any ride or amusement.

Use of any ride or amusement is restricted for Guests with certain physical and/or medical conditions. Please check the signage at the entrance to the ride for applicable restrictions.

This is a risk warning given pursuant to Section 5M of the Civil Liability Act 2002.



A Huskisson Carnival Season VIP Pass entitles the holder (a VIP) to an Unlimited Ride Armband for use by the VIP Pass holder on any day of the issuing season (for example the 2014 Season runs from the 26th of December 2014 through until the 26th of January 2015). All though the carnival is scheduled to be open every day of the season, the Huskisson Carnival may not operate on days when the weather doesn’t permit or other factors beyond our control. The Huskisson Carnival does not take responsibility for a misinterpretation of Opening Hours.

A VIP is entitled to 1 Unlimited Rides Pass once per day on any valid entry day. An Unlimited Rides Pass is a unique wristband that is non-refundable, not transferable between individuals, valid for the Date of Issue only and void if not securely attached to the Guest’s wrist at all times. The wristband is activated and issued from the Huskisson Carnival Ticket Box at the time of redemption. An Unlimited Rides Pass is sold subject to the Huskisson Carnival Rides Regulations.

Season VIP Passes do not guarantee ride and attraction access (especially during high attendance periods). Restrictions apply including, but not limited to, capacity constraints and other closures.

Rides, services, entertainment and attractions may change operating hours, close temporarily, or may otherwise change or be discontinued without notice and without liability.

A VIP assumes the inherent risks associated with the operation of all rides and attractions and should read and obey all safety signage, instructions and rules. A VIP must abide by any rules and regulations applicable to Luna Park Sydney or to the use of the Season VIP Pass as announced by the Huskisson Carnival from time to time.

The Huskisson Carnival is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

A Season VIP Pass is not transferable, cannot be sold, cannot be given to anyone else to use inclusive of family and friends, is not redeemable for cash and cannot be used with any other offer, discount or product. Additionally, Season VIP Passes may not be used for commercial purposes and are void if altered or misused.



An Season VIP Pass gift voucher or e-ticket is valid until the end of the season listed on the voucher. The gift voucher/e-ticket must be presented within this period at the Huskisson Carnival and exchanged for an Season VIP Pass Card, the expiry of which will be the last day of that season.

The VIP must be present at the time of exchange and must abide by all other membership information gathering processes.



Personal data for each VIP must be completed in person at the Huskisson Carnival on the same day of purchase or redemption of online tickets. Guests must provide both a mobile phone number and email address in order to become a member. Incomplete personal data will not be accepted and the associated membership will not be created.

When collecting an Season VIP Pass purchased online, the VIP must be present at the Huskisson Carnival VIP Pass Desk in order for the membership photo to be captured. Each VIP must follow Huskisson Carnival procedures to have a photo associated with his/her Season VIP Pass for identification purposes. Photo capture procedures include removal of any hats, sunglasses or other obscuring accessories and ensuring no additional individuals are present in the background of the photo. A VIP must have his/her valid VIP Pass in hand and a proper photo on file with the Huskisson Carnival for unlimited rides wristband issue. Further identification may be required.[/fusion_text]



A Guest wishing to upgrade to an Season VIP Pass from another form of eligible ticket must upgrade on the same day in which the original form of ticket is valid.

Each Guest wishing to upgrade a ticket to an Season VIP Pass must be present at the time of the upgrade transaction.

Guest must able to display a valid, intact and attached wristband when upgrade transactions are made.

Expired tickets, complimentary tickets, some Group Booking tickets, and any other tickets stating ineligibility for an upgrade may not be upgraded to an Season VIP Pass.


All Annual VIP Pass Cards remain the property of the Huskisson Carnival.

If an Season VIP Pass is lost or stolen, the VIP is asked to report the situation to the Huskisson Carnival Management at the Carnival, by calling 0431 753 411

A non-refundable fee of ten dollars ($10.00) is required to replace or re-issue a Season VIP Pass Card if it is unable to be presented for rides wristband issue. No rides wristband will be issued without the presentation of a valid Season VIP Pass Card.

The Huskisson Carnival reserves the right to cancel, suspend or revoke any Season VIP Pass or deny ride access to any VIP at any time for any reason. Cancellation, suspension or revocation of a Season VIP Pass membership will result in the cancellation, suspension or revocation of the member benefits associated with the Season VIP Pass.


A VIP must present a valid Season VIP Pass, (valid photo identification if requested for validation), intact and attached wristband prior to purchases to receive any applicable benefits and discounts. Benefits and discounts are non-transferable and may not be combined with any other offer or promotion. Such benefits and discounts are for personal use only and may not be used to obtain or purchase items or services with the intent to resell such items or services.

Applicable benefits and discounts are subject to change at any time, without notice. Benefits and discounts are determined solely by Huskisson Carnival and may be valid only at select locations. Applicable benefits are not valid in conjunction with any other offer, discount or product other than those stated in the individual benefit terms.

Specific terms and conditions related to current benefits may be found below:

  • 10% discount on food and beverage purchases
  • 10% discount on all games
  • 20% discount on souvenir photos
  • 20% discount on the Bungee Trampoline

VIPs must present their VIP Pass at the time of purchase to receive the discount.

Exclusive Offers – VIPs may be sent exclusive offers via email. The terms and conditions related to each offers will be displayed within the email communication. To redeem these offers, VIPs must present their VIP Pass at the Huskisson Carnival, within the promotion date and time restrictions.


The information provided by Guests will only be used by the Huskisson Carnival for the purpose of conducting the Season VIP Pass Program.

By purchasing an Season VIP Pass, a VIP consents to subscribe to email communication from the Huskisson Carnival. A VIP may receive occasional updates, special offers and other information from the Huskisson Carnival or streams about their events, products, services and discounts.

All terms, conditions and benefits including, but not limited to, admission privileges, Blockout Dates, prices, benefits and discounts are subject to restrictions, availability and change or cancellation without notice at any time.[/fusion_text]